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Headset Cap Bike

I GOT YOUR 6; Bicycle Headset Cap

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Dispatch Cycling Components is fundraising for We Got Your 6 this Veterans Day. 

⚡️"I GOT YOUR 6;" Headset Cap⚡️ 

This isn't an easy one. 

Over the years, we have regularly sent out tributes to lives lost of many veterans.  They are obvious.  Dates, names, RIP, and other unfortunate signals that a cap is something deep and meaningful to the recipient.  

Then the emails come in.  We get many extremely touching and intimate emails about lives lost and lives saved.  Depression is a very real crisis in America and as we turn our attention this day to our deserving veterans, we're reminded that upwards of 22 veterans take their own life EVERY SINGLE DAY, because they lost hope and feel broken inside.

A customer reached out to us who has lost his own family member and asked for this special tribute. It seems only fitting that we make it available to others in an attempt to reach further, to open up the conversation, and to give thanks to the bicycle as a machine that fights depression.

Through November, we'll make this cap available.  Profits will go to We Got Your 6 as a donation.  We're committing a minimum of $15 cap to this donation, regardless of the profit level, so know at least that much of every sale is going to WGY6.

On a similar note: Loneliness and depression are ruinous places to exist.  Each of us has the power to acknowledge one another--to ask how someone is doing.  To listen.  Feeling isolated and like nobody is willing to listen is something we can try to make less so by looking up and engaging in a meaningful "How are you?"  If you can't make the contribution here, make it on the street/trail/course and engage your fellow man and woman.

Choose between 10 cap colors. $15 or more of your purchase goes directly to We Got Your 6 on December 5th, 2021. Thank you for your support!

Headset Cap Details:

  • Starting at $30 Headset Cap
  • $15 or more goes to WGY6
  • 10 Beautiful colors to choose from.
  • Engraved in Colorado by former Navy (Go Navy!)
  • Designed to fit 1 1/8" steerer tubes.
  • Light & Strong 6061 Aluminum Cap.

Who is WGY6:

We Got Your Six is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless Veterans rebuild their lives and redevelop their self-confidence. Helping them get back on their feet and back to living a solid stable meaningful life.​​

Why $15 of $30:

The unfortunate truth of being a small business is that it costs us, on average, $12 to land a visitor to this site.  Add another $3 for materials, envelopes, paper, labels, and packing supplies, and typically anything less than $20 is a loss for the business.  By committing $15 of each sale, we're putting skin in the game, but we're asking you to make the commitment to get us to at least $15 of each cap sale.  It's not much, but it's the best way we know how to live up to our mission of making the world a better place through bicycles.

Who is Dispatch Custom Cycling Components:

Since 2017, we've been making custom engraved bicycle components for individuals, racing leagues, bicycle shops, bicycle manufacturers, and event directors all around the world.  We're dedicated to changing the world through the power of the bicycle. More at